Water Brush Pen for Watercolor Painting, Calligraphy Art, Water Color Pencils and Permanent Markers Blending, Pack of 3

Product Features

  • 3 Assorted brush tip sizes : large ( Size 10 ), medium ( Size 8 ) and small ( Size 4 ).
  • High Quality Synthetic Bristle: durable and flexible tip holds excellently its point.
  • Easy-to-squeeze flattened barrel: absolute control of water flow.
  • Universal: great for using with watercolors, watercolor pencils, inks and markers.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
New Price: $9.99

Product Description


Uloochi ProArts water brushes have been designed especially to meet your artistic needs.

Reliable and convenient, they will accompany you anywhere and will provide you with the perfect painting experience.

  • Take it to your trip to memorialize beautiful moments.
  • Give a lot of fun to your child while painting wonderful worlds using our water brushes.
  • Just sit in your chair with a box of watercolor pencils and our water brush in your hand and enjoy your adult coloring book.

5 reasons to choose Uloochi ArtsPro Water Brushes Set:

  1. EASY TO FILL – No squeezing to draw in, no piston – just a large opening to let you fill your water brush easily with water to blend or with your favorite water-based ink or dye or even with alcohol!
  2. EASY TO SQUEEZE – Best flow control. Our water brush equipped with Unique Leak Proof Valve System making it highly responsive. You only have to squeeze it slightly to get a complete control of the water flow.
  3. EASY TO PAINT – Uloochi ProArts Water Brushes supplied with fine, flexible and durable bristles. By changing the pressure applied you can easily vary strokes and enjoy your watercolour painting experience.
  4. EASY TO BE CREATIVE – Be a Genius in Painting using Uloochi ProArts Water Brushes. Fill it with water and wonder at watercolor paint effect using with watercolor pencils. Fill it with water-based inks and use it as Brush Pen or Calligraphy Pen. You can fill it with alcohol and blend your sharpies or any other permanent markers.
  5. EASY TO LOVE- Make the inspirational Gift to people you love.This water brush easy and fun for children and perfect for adult coloring books.

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