Swirly Girl Mask Haitian Metal Art 7.5″ X 17.5″

Product Features

  • This swirly haired gal is earth-friendly - she used to be an ugly old discarded barrel and now she is a beautiful sculpture to watch over the garden. I bet she can even make the flowers grow...
  • Indoor and Outdoor Decorative Garden Art
  • It's Cactus Metal Art Haiti
  • Color variations from dark silver to brown rustic tones.
  • Our artists benefit directly from your purchases and our fair trade practices.
New Price: $29.95
Old Price: $29.95

Product Description

A few nails and a hammer are all you’ll need to hang your sculpture. Look for a place where the design is joined or notched and put the first nail there. Use a second and possibly a third nail, if the piece is large, in other joined or notched design elements within the sculpture to straighten and secure it to the wall. Make sure that you avoid placing a nail into an eye or mouth, as that will draw attention to the nail. You want the nails to “disappear” into the piece. Haitian metal sculptures all come with a clear, weather-proof coating but if exposed to the elements, they will begin to rust over time. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if it’s not the look you’re going for, fear not. Just pick up a can of spray on enamel clear coat and go to it. Once a year will do it. Piece of cake! Following four generations of tradition, each piece of Haitian metal art is made entirely by hand with simple tools. Starting with a cast-off steel drum, the metal is cleaned, sanded, and pounded flat. From there, the artist chalks his design onto the metal and then begins the heavy, tedious work of cutting out the pattern with a hammer and chisel and giving the piece detail and dimension. Finally, he applies a clear-coat to the piece, which protects it and makes it perfectly suited for indoor or outdoor display.

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