Set of 5 Small Birds Flying,Haitian Recycled Metal Drum Wall Art, Nature Inspired

Product Features

  • Create your own flock with this set of five birds on the wing.
  • Garden Birds Handmade in Haiti
  • Set of 5, 6"
  • It's Cactus is a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation
  • Color variation from silver dark tones to brown bronze tones.
New Price: $38.50
Old Price: $45.95
You Save: $7.45

Product Description

To begin the process, the tops of the barrels are removed and the open barrel is stuffed with straw and dried banana leaves and then set ablaze. This burns out the residue and old paint and strengthens the metal. After the barrels have cooled, they are slit down the side, pried open, pounded flat and sanded down, giving the artist a smooth flat surface, much like a painter’s canvas. The artist chalks his design onto the metal and then, using a hammer and chisel, begins the work of cutting the sculpture and giving it form, detail and dimension. When he is satisfied with his results, he pounds his signature onto the sculpture and seals it with a protective, weather-proof finish.

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