Resin Statues Cernunnos Celtic Horned God Of Animals And The Underworld Statue 9 Inch 7 X 8.75 X 5.5 Inches Bronze

Product Features

  • 8.75 in. High, 7 in. Long, 5.5 in. Wide
  • Expertly Cast in Resin in Intricately Sculpted Detail
  • Lustrous Bronze Finish Hand Painted With Tints of Red and Green Bringing Life to and Accentuating the Incredible Detailing
  • Cernunnos is a Stag Horned God of the Forest, Prosperity and the Underworld Who Was Said Could Transform Into Any Animal
  • Cernunnos is Depicted Sitting in the Grass with Animals at His Feet Holding a Snake in One Hand, a Torc in the Other and One Around His Neck
New Price: $67.50
Old Price: $67.50

Product Description

This striking and mystical sculpture depicts Cernunnos, the Celtic god of animals, seated regally upon his woodland throne. With the magnificent antlers of a stag, legs clad in shaggy fur, and cloven hooves, the horned god ruled over wealth and the underworld as well as his natural domain. The fine bronze finish on this figure breathes life into the muscular form of the god, as well as the bear, snake, and deer that have gathered at his feet. Use the statue to add touch of woodsy mystery to your bedroom, living room, or study. It also makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves ancient mythology or the art of the Celts.

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