Resin Statues Brigid Goddess of Hearth & Home Standing Holding Sacred Flame Statue 7 X 9.5 X 5.5 Inches Bronze

Product Features

  • 9.5 in. High, 7 in. Long, 5.5 in. Wide
  • Expertly Crafted of Cold Cast Bronze, a Process of Mixing Bronze Powder with Resin to Give it an Authentic Metal Look
  • Intricately Sculpted Antique Bronze and Lightly Colored Finish Makes this Statue a Stand Out PIece
  • Impressively Detailed Statue Depicting Brigid Holding a Flame Standing Before a Cauldron, a Brick Hearth is Behind Her
  • A Striking Must-Have Piece Rich with Celtic Symbols and a Thoughtful Gift for Anyone Into Nature Religions
New Price: $67.50
Old Price: $67.50

Product Description

Many of Brigid’s talents can be seen in this intricately sculpted statue depicting the goddess holding the perpetual, scared flame in her hands, welcoming all those who seek the divine. She stands presiding over a heated cauldron, a fiery brick fireplace and a stack of books is seen behind her, for she is the goddess of hearth, home and poetry. She is Spring, fertility, healing and smithcraft. She is the bringer of wisdom, guidance and prophecy and can assist her devotees with any endeavor. Intricately sculpted in cold cast bronze, a process that mixes bronze powder with resin, the finish has the look of authentic metal, and take notice of the colored effects that bring life to this conceptual statue. 9.5 inch high x 7 inch long x 5.5 inch wide. It’s a striking piece rich with Celtic symbols and a must-have piece for any followers of nature religions.

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