Professional Art Set – Drawing, Sketching and Charcoal Pencils. 100 Page Drawing Pad! Kneaded Eraser included. Art Kit for Kids, Teens and Adults – Easter Gifts for Kids and Adults

Product Features

  • BEGINNER TO PROFESSIONALS: with this deluxe sketch and drawing kit you can begin drawing as soon as you open the box. Complete drawing supplies and artist pencils with a sketch pad of medium weight, non-smudge professional sketching paper by Freehand, these art kits are ready for action. Sketching supplies Includes charcoal pencils for drawing.
  • EXPERIENCE: this value packed drawing set will allow you to begin honing your skills with no need to look anywhere else. Equip yourself with sketching pencils ranging in size from the thickest, 8B, to the finest, 5H for exact drawing lines. Art pencils for drawing and shading pencils allow you to develop technical skills. Perfect art set for adults and kids.
  • PROFESSIONAL ART SUPPLIES: 12 premium graphite pencils (8B,6B,5B,4B,3B,2B,B,HB,2H,3H,4H,5H), 100 sheet drawing pad, 1 ULTRA SOFT ALL-GRAPHITE woodless specialist pencil, 2 sharpeners for graphite and charcoal pencils, 3 CHARCOAL PENCILS in soft, medium and hard, 3 GRAPHITE and 3 CHARCOAL STICKS in soft, medium and hard, 1 KNEADED ERASER for erasing --Includes one PLASTIC/VINYL ERASER, 1 sandpaper block, 3 Paper blending stump, 1 pencil extender & 1 art knife
  • TRAVEL SIZED KIT: this art set features a zippered pencil case, compartmentalized for all the art pencils, that are included with this professional drawing set. Artist supplies for anyone: kids art supplies to arts and crafts for adults - these art sets are sure to please! Gift this drawing kit for kids and start someone down a creative path, equipping them with their first drawing pencil and complete sketching pencil set.
  • QUALITY GUARANTEE - Free Hand Art Supplies represents superior quality and customer service with your highest satisfaction or a money back guarantee. We are confident you will enjoy these art sets, complete with a pencil set, and all other items the sketch artist needs. All the art supplies for artists in one place!
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Product Description

Order for the beginner or the veteran sketch artist, this complete professional drawing and sketching art set is sure to delight. With this deluxe sketch art set you can begin drawing as soon as you open the package. Complete with a sketch pad of medium weight, non-smudge professional sketching paper, this artist set is ready for action. Set comes in a durable zippered nylon carrying case. The 12 precision graphite pencils range in size from the thickest, 8B, to the finest, 5H for exact drawing lines. The Tools a Drawing and Sketch Artist wants, and needs are included He Professional Drawing and Sketching Art Set is completed with specialized erasers and tools for the drawing and sketch artist. 1 Vinyl Eraser, 1 kneaded eraser, 1 Sandpaper block, 2 Sharpeners, 3 pieces of Tortillon and 2 Pieces of Stump, for blending and smudging. The professional Sketch Artist needs an art knife and a pencil extender, both included in this all-inclusive Sketch and Drawing Set. Product Details: ·Precision, Pre-Sharpened Lead -100 page Sketch Pad ·Travel-Friendly ·Beginner and Professional ·Non-Slip Grip Pencils ·Sketch, Draw, Color and Blend ·Convenient Carrying Case What You Will Get: 100 Sheet drawing pad 12 x high quality pencils: 5H, 4H, 3H, 2H, HB, B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B, 8B 3 x Carboniferous: soft, medium, hard 3 x graphite pins: soft, medium, hard 3 x carbon rod 3 x blending paper stumps 1 x graphite pen 6B 1 x Black sharpener: used for carbon brushes 1 x metal double sharpener: used for pencils 1 x metal knife 1 x emery paper pencil pointer 1 x Dual head pencil extender 1 x eraser pencil 1 x rubber eraser: for carbon brushes 1 x Kit Bag

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