it’s cactus – metal art haiti Pineapple, Welcome Home Wall Decor, Recycled Haitian Metal Steel Art 9″ X 14.25″

Product Features

  • A symbol of hospitality and friendship!
  • Natural color variations from dark silver to rustic brown tones.
  • Fair trade isn't just a catch phrase. It's the way we do business.
  • Our artists prosper from their own hard work, your purchases, and our fair trading practices.
  • It's Cactus Metal Art Haiti
New Price: $34.95
Old Price: $34.95

Product Description

The traditional Haitian method of creating metal sculptures from discarded oil drums has changed very little since the technique was first developed by Georges Liataud in the 1950’s. To begin, the drums are burned out, cleaned up, sanded down and pounded flat. Next, the artist chalks his intended design onto the prepared metal and begins the heavy and tedious work of cutting and detailing, using only a hammer and chisel. Finally, the sculpture is sealed with a weather-proof finish, so that the sculpture may be displayed easily indoors or out.

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