it’s cactus – metal art haiti Fish Swimming Upstream, Haitian Metal Fair Trade Wall Art 22″ X 9″

Product Features

  • An ideal gift for the fisherman on the days that the really big one got away. Also an excellent visual aid for the "whopper" fish tales! Great to display at the beach house or the cabin by the lake.
  • Hanging your metal art is easy, once you know how. Choose a place it within two design elements that are touching or notched toward the center of the piece and drive a nail into the wall at that point.
  • Using a second and possibly a third nail, place those in other notched areas within the design to secure it firmly. Avoid placing nails in the eyes or mouth. A viewer's eye will go straight to those elements and a nail there will draw attention to itself. You don't want the nails to become part of the details - you want them to "disappear."
  • Our artists prosper through their own hard work, your purchases, and our practice of fair trade.
  • It's Cactus Metal Art Haiti
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Product Description

Following four generations of tradition, each piece of Haitian metal art is made entirely by hand with simple tools. Starting with a cast-off steel drum, the metal is cleaned, sanded, and pounded flat. From there, the artist chalks his design onto the metal and then begins the heavy, tedious work of cutting out the pattern with a hammer and chisel and giving the piece detail and dimension. Finally, he applies a clear-coat to the piece, which protects it and makes it perfectly suited for indoor or outdoor display.

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