it’s cactus – metal art haiti ‘Buzzing Around’ Haitian Metal Bumble Bee Wall Art, Bumble Bee Wall Decor For House Or Garden, Recycled Haitian Metal Wall Art, Set of 2, 6″ x 6″

Product Features

  • STUNNING RECYCLED HAITIAN METAL BEE WALL DECOR- Our recycled metal honey bee wall decor will add a "buzz" of excitement to your indoor or outdoor wall. Each one of these unique recycled metal wall art garden bees have been handcrafted by young artisans in over 100 villages in Haiti. These 6 x 6 inch metal bees come as a pair and are the perfect addition to your home or garden walls.
  • EYE-CATCHING 3D EFFECT BUMBLE BEE DECORATIONS- The wings on these handmade metal bee decor are attached by rivets, giving them a stunning 3-D aspect. Bend them out a little bit and watch these garden bees fly! Symbols of industriousness and royalty, bees also remind us to enjoy the sweet honey of life. This unique piece of recycled metal art is a meaningful way to commemorate your appreciation for the earth's most valuable insect.
  • WEATHERPROOF BEE THEMED DECOR FOR INSIDE OR OUTDOORS- Coated in a weatherproof seal, this versatile haitian metal art can be hung inside your home, or alternatively they would make a lovely nature-themed addition to your garden or patio wall as they can easily withstand the elements! Please note that there may be slight color variations in your bee wall decorations, from dark silver to brown rustic tones.
  • EASY "NO FUSS' INSTALLATION BEE METAL WALL ART- Hangs in seconds with just a couple of small nails, you will be admiring your new haitian metal art ornament on the wall in no time at all! Each one of these bumble bee decor wall hangings has been ingeniously forged from metal salvaged from discarded and recycled oil barrels! Hang on your wall for a striking conversation starter among your friends and family.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT FOR INSECT ENTHUSIASTS- This beautifully curated haitian metal wall hanging will make the perfect christmas, birthday, anniversary, or "just because" gift for the nature lover in your life! This is the gift that keeps on giving,as we proudly support Fair Trade practices in the curation of these honey bee decorations. Fair trade isn't just a catchphrase. It's the way we do business.
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Product Description

‘Buzzing Around’, Recycled Haitian Art Metal Garden Bee Decor, Set of 2, 6″ x 6″ :

These decorative bees can be hung on any garden wall and look terrific all summer and beyond. Coated with a durable weatherproof seal that will stand up to any rainshower, this recycle metal art will stand out no matter what the season.

No Hang Ups!

It’s super easy to hang this bee metal wall decor with only a couple of small nails. Simply hammer in your first nail in the riveted hanger on the back of his wing and use a small second nail placed between his legs to give him the desired “angle of flight.” You’ll find that the little nail disappears when you step back to admire your handiwork.

Lovingly HandMade From Recycled Oil Barrels

Ugly, old, discarded oil barrels are given new life as recycled metal yard art! These bees were hand-crafted from barrels that have been cleaned, sanded, and pounded flat. Here, the cutwork has begun but great detail work, including the addition of 3-D wings will take place before the bee theme decorations are finished and brought to your doorstep.

Handmade + Fair Trade

Many hands go into the creation of traditional metal Haitian sculpture. Laborers prepare the metal so that the artists may begin their intricate work.

Young artists start out as apprentices, learning to draw and design under the direction of more skilled craftsmen.

We work with over 100 village artisans in Haiti. Through your purchases and our fair trading practices, artists, families, and communities prosper.

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