In Liu Of | Modern Oil Painting “Talking Stripes” (Parrots and Zebra) Hand-Painted Nature Scene w/ Colorful Animals | Fine Art Acrylics | Contemporary Wall Art | Detailed Realism

Product Features

  • Stunning Coloration - The distinct imagery features bright, colorful parrots atop a black and white zebra to create a dynamic relationship between the animals.
  • Beautiful Acrylic Oils - Painted with premium acrylic paints and designed by professional artists, this exclusive artwork offers pristine imagery.
  • Strong Wood Frame Back - Behind each stretched canvas is a quality wooden frame that helps maintain the painting quality while making it easier to hang on the wall (mounting hardware included).
  • Imported Craftsmanship - This one-of-a-kind oil painting is fade and crack resistant and boasts impeccable layering and depth that captures realism with bold colors.
  • Eye-Catching Design - A wonderful addition to any room in your home or office, "Talking Stripes" pops with color that is sure to inspire creativity and get people talking.
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Product Description

These brightly colored birds are holding an intense discussion as the zebra waits patiently for the meeting to end.

For most of us, relationships are what drive us to share, to love, and to experience the world in its fullest. This original oil painting titled “Talking Stripes” is a unique look at the symbiotic relationship that we create with those around as we achieve our goals and create memories; and how important it is to be able to rely on our friends and family. A beautiful piece that balances color and dynamic black and white stripes, each time you look at it your perspective will change as you become both the birds and the zebra at times in your life.

Product Details:

  • Fine Acrylic Art Wall Décor “Talking Stripes”
  • 100% Hand-Painted Craftsmanship
  • Multi-Layer Texture, Colors, and Design
  • Stretched Canvas on a Strong Wood Frame
  • Dimensions: 32″ x 32″ x 1.5″
  • Premium, Ecofriendly Oils and Acrylics
  • Quick and Simple Installation: Easy setup with double hole, metal D-ring mounting hangers and screws. These brackets make this painting ready to hang in any room of your home or office in minutes.

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