I-toc Watch – Black – Museum Modern Art Design with Blackout Case and Dial

Product Features

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  • Aluminum matte finish case with 2-disc Japan Quartz movement
  • Scratch resistant beveled crystal
  • 3 ATM water resistance
  • Silicon rubber strap with stainless steel clasp
New Price: $18.00

Product Description

I-toc Watch, a modern handless timepiece. The ultimate minimalist expression of time, the i-toc is surprisingly intuitive to read. The concept, while appearing mysterious, is quite simple once understood. This unique and distinctive timepiece features gradient patterns to represent the passing of time. The outer gradient displays the minutes and the inner gradient shows the hours. The gradients interact to create an ever-changing pattern that is both functional and beautiful. This stylish and distinctive timepiece provides ample opportunities for conversation of the unique presentation of time. I-toc is thought provoking interpretation of time that encourages those reading its dial to look at time from a different perspective. Aluminum matte finish case with 2-disc Japan Quartz movement. 3 ATM water resistance. Silicon rubber strap with stainless steel clasp. Scratch resistant beveled crystal. 41mm high x 27mm wide x 6mm thick. Matte silver anodized aluminum case finish. Black crown and matching black resin side panel, Reusable Gift tin.

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