Happy Easter Math Coloring Book: Pixel Art For Kids: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division Practice Problems (Easter Activity Books For Kids)

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    This fun book encourages kids to practice math concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in an exciting and engaging way. The inside is full of cheerful designs filled with Easter eggs, bunnies, spring flowers, and more. Every page has a table divided into squares, and each square has a mathematical problem. To reveal the hidden pictures, solve the problems and color the squares according to the color key. The book’s curriculum-based content is divided into 3 difficulty levels, suitable for children in Grades 1-3:

    • Level 1: Add and subtract numbers within 10
    • Level 2: Add and subtract numbers within 20
    • Level 3: Multiply and divide within 100

    Skip to the pages that suit your child’s needs or start at the beginning and advance page by page – it’s up to you!

    This coloring book is an ideal learning aid that youngsters will love using at home or in the classroom. It is sure to engage little ones for hours! Each bright and colorful picture can be cut out and proudly displayed. 

    Also suitable for adults who want to improve their mental math ability!

    Large 8.5″ x 11″ pages printed single sided to avoid bleed-through and for easy removal and display. Suitable for coloring with pencils, crayons, markers and gel pens.

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