Girl Metal wall Art, Haiti Moon, Star, Celestial 15″ x 15″

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  • This piece of folk art is the work of many hands. Laborers begin the process by burning out the residue from discarded steel drums, cutting off the tops and bottoms, splitting down them down the side, sanding and pounding them flat. Next the artist takes over, drawing his design onto the prepared. Then, using only a hammer and a chisel he does the heavy cut work and intricate detailing, giving the piece it's form, dimension, and distinct character.
  • A few nails and a hammer are all you'll need to hang your sculpture. Look for a place where the design is joined or notched and put the first nail there. Use a second and possibly a third nail, if the piece is large, in other joined or notched design elements within the sculpture to straighten and secure it to the wall. Make sure that you avoid placing a nail into an eye or mouth, as that will draw attention to the nail. You want the nails to "disappear" into the piece.
  • Before this sculpture left the workshop in Haiti, a clear, weather-proof coating was applied to protect it from the elements. If it is displayed indoors, you'll never have to lift a finger, but if it is going to go outside, you might want to apply a spray-on clear coat yourself once a year to retain it's glossy patina.
  • Fair trade is important to us. We know that by active participation in fair trade, our artists will prosper. We fight poverty with art!
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This little girl has it all! The moon and a star in her hands and birds at her feet. A child of the natural world, her smile speaks of happiness in simple pleasures. By Haitian artist, Bernard Excellent, who has three beautiful little girls of his own.

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