Garden Sunflower, Recycled Metal Art, Handcrafted in Haiti 8″ X 11″

Product Features

  • A single sunflower to brighten a space or embellish a mixed-media arrangement.
  • Signed by the artist, it is a sweet little piece of original folk art.
  • Natural color variations from dark silver to brown rustic tones.
  • Fair trade is the name of the game, and it's the only way we play!
  • It's Cactus is a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation
New Price: $22.95
Old Price: $22.95

Product Description

Apprentice artists cut off the tops and bottoms of the drums are slit down the sides, pounded flat with mallets, and vigorously sanded. At this point the artist takes over, chalking his intended design onto the metal. Using a hammer and chisel and other simple tools, the artist undertakes the intricate work of cutting, beading and detailing each piece. When he is finally satisfied with the results, he pounds his signature onto the sculpture and seals it up with a protective finish. Hanging your art, choose a point where the design element is joined or notched and use a nail to hang it from that point on the wall. Use a second and a third nail (if necessary) within other design elements to straighten and secure the piece. Then stand back and admire your work. You’ll see that the nails “disappear” into the sculpture. Beautiful! You can easily maintain it’s appearance by taking five minutes to wipe the metal down with a cloth and spraying your piece once a year with an enamel clear coat.

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