Fineliner Color Pen Set (HUGE SET OF 60 COLORING PENS) Colorful Ultra Fine 0.4mm Metal Clad Tips in 30 Individual Colors – Porous Point Marker – Perfect for Drawing & Adult Coloring Books

Product Features

  • 30 Unique Vibrant Colors
  • Protective Aluminum Casing - Beautiful Compact Double Layered Case. Holds Each Unit in Place - Perfect for When You're on the Go!
  • High-end Alloy Based Point Enclosure - Ensures Straight Drawn Lines If You're Using Stencils, Rulers, and Templates.
  • Our Ink is Non-Toxic and Acid Free!
New Price: $49.99
You Save: $30.00

Product Description

60 Fineliner Pens in 30 Different Colors!

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