Fifty K-12 Art Lessons: Deluxe Color Edition: Creative Differentiated Explorations In Art

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    This FULL COLOR book contains fifty differentiated art lessons for K-12 students, with extensions for advanced classes. Many include links within lessons that will connect to mini-video tutorials. Most explorations in his book can be done with different kinds of media. Don’t have oil pastels? Use crayons, colored pencils, or just about any drawing media. Taking a drawing project and re-tooling it to be a painting lesson is often possible. Use what you have on hand.

    These are lessons I have developed over my thirty-year art teaching career. I specifically chose these fifty, because the root of each can be simplified for younger students, and beefed up for the more advanced. This is also helpful while working in an integrated classroom where special needs students work alongside their peers. While a class works on a particular lesson, the simplified version can be used as well so that all can work on the same root concepts.

    These lessons appear in our other book “Extended Sub Plans For Art Teachers.” However, this book is designed with the classroom art teacher in mind, so it does not include media tutorials needed for a sub. This book ends with critique worksheets, grading rubrics, classroom resources, and enough sub plans for 25 days of absences! Many additional free resources, videos, plans, and more can be found on the author’s blog at

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