Drawing Basics: Learn 10 New Habits

The month of January brings to mind new resolutions and goals for us all. Finding and utilizing drawing exercises is one way to keep your new art commitments going, and Katherine Tyrrell has just the tool to help. Her popular book, Drawing 365: Tips and Techniques to Build Your Confidence and Skill includes motivating advice for the professional artist as well as the beginner. Scroll down to see Tyrrell’s list of drawing basics.

Drawing basics and drawing exercises

Some of Katherine Tyrrell’s sketches from Travels With a Sketchbook.

Drawing for beginners

The artist’s example using hatching and intermittent lines.

10 Drawing Basics for Beginning Artists
by Katherine Tyrrell (Share this on Facebook!)

1. Draw frequently so that drawing becomes instinctive.
2. Start with a five-minute drawing.
3. Carry a small sketchbook with you all the time.
4. Indulge yourself! Give yourself the space and time to draw what you enjoy.
5. Compare your drawing with past work and not other people’s work.
6. Remember: Nobody’s perfect.
7. Feel good when you draw. Losing yourself in a drawing is akin to meditation and provides relief from the stress of everyday life.
8. Achieve mastery of a medium or technique.
9. Drawing is a journey.
10. Start drawing at home … and then start traveling.

Find advice on drawing basics, deciding what to draw and how to mix up your resources in the 2015 Drawing-a-Day Collection, which includes Tyrrell’s Drawing 365, the Drawing magazine 2014 annual CD, plus hand-selected drawing supplies to get you started. An entire year lies fresh before you, waiting to be filled with your art!

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