Currier & Ives: 150+ Lithograph Reproductions

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    CURRIER & IVES Art Book contains 150+ lithographic reproductions of biblical, landscape, military, ships and trains, still life and genre scenes with annotations and interesting facts page below. Book includes; Table of Contents, Top 50 Museums of the World, and is formatted for all Kindle devices, Kindle for iOS and Android Tablets (use rotate and/or zoom feature on landscape/horizontal images for optimal viewing).

    BORN: Nathaniel Currier- March 27, 1813 in Roxbury, MA.
    James Merritt Ives- March 5, 1824 in Great Barrington, MA.
    DIED: Nathaniel Currier- November 20, 1888 in Amesbury, MA.
    James Merritt Ives- January 3, 1895 in Rye, NY.

    PROFESSION: Printmaking

    § Currier & Ives was based in New York City, NY from 1834-1907.
    § The firm started with just Currier, then a partnership with Ives in 1857. After their deaths, their sons took over the business until 1907 when it was liquidated.
    § Their prints were black and white lithographs that were hand-colored in an assembly-line fashion.
    § There were at least 7500 lithographs published.
    § Their prints sold for between five to twenty cents for small prints and $1 to $3 for large prints.

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