Crescent Moon Wall Sculpture, Outdoor Home Decor, Recycled Metal Art, 15″ X 15″

Product Features

  • Earth-friendly metal sculptures are created by village craftsmen who recycle 55-gallon metal drums into works of art,
  • Indoor and Outdoor garden decor!
  • Color variations from dark silver to brown rustic tones.
  • Fair trade is the only way we do business.
  • It's Cactus Metal Art Haiti
New Price: $34.95
Old Price: $34.95

Product Description

It’s easy to hang your sculpture with just a few nails. Place the first nail within two design elements that are touching or notched. Then use a second and possibly a third nail, if the sculpture is large, to straighten and secure the piece against the wall. Just make sure that you don’t place a nail in an eye or a mouth. A viewer’s attention will go there quite naturally and therefore, directly to the nail. You don’t want that! Haitian metal sculptures all come with a clear, weather-proof coating but if exposed to the elements, they will begin to rust over time. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if it’s not the look you’re going for, fear not. Just pick up a can of spray on enamel clear coat and go to it. Once a year will do it. Piece of cake! This is a hand-crafted original piece of Haitian metal art, made from discarded steel drums and brought to you through fair trade practices. It is created in traditional fashion; the artist utilizing simple hand tools for both the cutwork on the recycled metal and also the intricate detailing. A protective, weather-proof coating has been applied, making it suitable for display indoors or out.

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