Counter Art Craft Mat, 24 by 18-Inch

Product Features

  • CounterArt thick and durable, BPA-free plastic mat designed for protecting tables and counters
  • Perfect for home hobbies, craft projects, or home improvement tasks
  • Protects surfaces from glue, paint, or cuts; Easy cleanup
  • Contains Microban anti-microbial properties, offering great protection from growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria
  • Measures 24 by 18; Made in USA
New Price: $14.95
Old Price: $8.99

Product Description

This CounterArt Craft Mat is ideal for protecting your table or other surfaces, while doing crafts or home projects. Perfect for home hobbies, this mat features a BPA-free, plastic construction that is durable and will manage cuts, spills and messes that can happen when hard at work. You’ll love how easy it is to clean this mat of glue or paint and it works quite nicely for rotary cutting. The Craft Mat also features our Microban anti-microbial properties which offer great protection from growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria. The uses for this mat are unlimited! Measures a generous 24 by 18 Inch. Made in USA.

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