Classical Art: MFA HIghlights

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    Ancient Greek, Roman and Etruscan civilizations come to life in this illustrated selection of 100 highlights from the famous collections of classical art of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. An introduction by curator Christine Kondoleon describes the geographic range, stylistic progression and technical development of art in the classical world, and a second essay briefly relates tales of conservation and the provenance of some of the featured objects. In the main body of the book, the highlighted artworks are grouped into five broad themes: Myth and Religion, Heroes and Warriors, Love and Loss, Daily Life and Beasts and Beauties. Celebrated mosaics, statues and vases share the stage with less familiar jewelry, coins and glassware, with each piece accompanied by a concise discussion of its artistic creation and cultural context. Both common themes and distinctions emerge in cross-cultural discussions of topics such as war and politics, commemoration of the dead, sports and entertainment and the human form, providing rich insight into the astonishing civilizations that produced and used these fascinating objects so many centuries ago.

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