Celtic House Blessing – Digital Art Print – Irish home blessing, Scottish, housewarming gift, unique realtor closing gift – wall art

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    Celtic House Blessing – Digital Art Print

    May your troubles be less,
    And your blessing be more,
    And nothing but happiness,
    Come through your door.

    The frame dimensions are 8? x 16?
    All digital art prints are matted and hand signed by the artist.
    The story is included on the back of each piece.
    Represents the Spirit of Clan, the guiding force of the Celtic culture. Also shows the protective efforts of the ancestors spirits.Denotes awe and respect for the forces of Nature. The Celtic Family Circle, The top two rings represent parenthood and the equal status of husband and wife in the Celtic culture. The lower ring shows the natural dominion of parents over children and their obligation of protection and care. This denotes the bonds of the family. Represents the dominion of man over the beasts and their responsibility to be worthy guardians.
    This item makes a great housewarming gift or a unique realtor closing gift.

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