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    ** 30 x 30 Stretched Canvas Archival Print ** Justin Kane Elder is a Seattle based artist. He studied at Cornish College of the Arts, earning a BFA in 2002 with an emphasis on painting and sculpture and is member of the artist group Electric Coffin. Justin’s work is based on the relationship between the portrait and the process, with each portrait a humanistic abstraction of the subject. Portrait fascinate Justin do to the ability to create an intimate viewing experience. The subjects in Justin’s portraits have a strong emotional attachment to the artist. Elder will spend countless hours searching for the perfect image to display an obscure view of the individual. Justin’s painting process involves deconstruction and reassembly. He disassembles an image into basic geometric shapes and then rebuilds it with those shapes. Each piece is an additive process formed by amassing different layers of media. Similar to the way a builder constructs a home, the portrait becomes the house built from this process. The final result is a dynamic visual display of color and form. Justin’s work is shown in Seattle and various cities along the West Coast as well as internationally.

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