24″ Original Paintings – Artwork -by MILA

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    LARGE size CANVAS 20 x 24 inches – ready to display. Comes stretched. Sides painted! Lucky Winner will Commission Original Oil painting made by me – well known Canadian artist Mila Kazav This painting has been already sold long time ago and located in a private collection. By purchasing this listing you commission a very similar painting from me based on this piece made by me previously – A professional internationally accredited artist. Most of my art is made by Palette-Knife. The painting will have the same size, colors, same characteristics, composition and the same gallery value. Similar painting does not mean an identical copy. There are no two paintings a like made by me and will never be. Each brush stroke is final and can never be repeated the same way. Each stroke of the brush has its own unique texture and shape just like a fingerprint. Nobody in this world will be able to make you such painting besides me anyway. My style is very unique and cannot be repeated by other artists. It can be very easily recognized. If you had the opportunity to go back in time and get an original painting by Van Gogh before he was world-famous, would you do it? Well, here’s your opportunity! “Artist Mark Kazav a modern reincarnated Vincent Van Gogh”

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